RIP, Real Housewives

March 18, 2019 in

Welcome back from the weekend, friends. I hope that nobody is hung over after yesterday!

When we are children, we "outgrow" things constantly. Our clothes, playing hide and seek, etc.  I find myself surprised to say, this has happened to me now as an adult.

I used to be obsessed with Real Housewives. It didn't matter which city, OC, Atlanta, NJ, NY...I loved them all. I don't remember if it was NJ or Atlanta that I started with. It was one of those that had initially sent me down the rabbit hole.
For literally an entire decade, this was my guilty pleasure. I used to live for the reunion shows with Andy Cohen as the circus' ring leader.

Back in the fall, I was watching RHWOD and found myself thinking how caustic and vapid I found Brandy to be. I continued watching finding myself enjoying it less and less. While 20-something me had loved them, 30-something me started finding all of them flat out insufferable.
In my life, I have no patients for drama and toxic people. That being the case, WHY would I want to watch that? Even though, I know its all manufactured drama, why would I want to waste my time on that?

A few months back, I made the conscious decision to "Vibrate Higher.  I'm all done with petty, toxic stuff. There is truly no room in my life for conflict, resentment, bitterness or insecurity, even if its just on TV.

My time is precious. There are countless better things that I can do with it instead of watching a bunch of grown women with bad lip injections and obvious face lifts fight over the most trivial things. 
I feel icky, for a lack of better word watching these so called adults spend FAR beyond their means as they struggle to portray this uber affluent lifestyle for our viewing pleasure.
Guess what? Stuff does not equate to wealth. 
I can't keep track of how many of these reality alum have had their houses foreclosed, tax liens or enormous civil suits? Its just ridiculous.

We all are aware at how much of a problem bulling is. We all say we are opposed to it. So, why would I give rating to a bunch of adult "mean girls" who do nothing but talk behind each other's backs and form clicks that would put 6th grade girls to shame? No thank you.

I value the sanctity of marriage. Why would I want to watch and glorify someone who made a career out of and took enormous pleasure out of being the "other woman"?

So, it was fun while it lasted. It's been real, Real Housewives. The time for us to part ways has come though. Its partially me, as I've grown as a person. It's mostly you, though. I don't have time for your nonsense.

Tinsley, I'll still follow your IG though, I love your fashion. 



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