Little details that will make you look more put together

                                                      Source : Rachel Zoe

Hi there, I hope all is well in your world today.
The other day I got to thinking (scary, I know) about some women you meet just look so put together-ALWAYS. I have a friend like this. I ran into her the other day. She had on the most darling outfit. She looked VERY high end and expensive. We got talking, her top was from the sale section at Ann Taylor Loft (It looked Chanel) and her jeans were from American Eagle. Head to toe, her attire was under $100 she told me.
It got me thinking to one day this past winter when I was at the grocery store. This lady was carrying a bag that I know costs over $2000 and wearing a jacket which I knew cost $1,700. Yet, this lady with all the expensive things looked down right unkempt. 
What was the difference between these women? The details. As always, the devil is in the details.  
The lady in the grocery store clearly had spent a small fortune on her things. However, he coat didn't fit her correctly. He boots were beaten all to heck (easy enough to do here in New England). Her hair was straggly and her makeup , well we'll just say that her makeup was something.

So, I sat down and brain stormed which little details make a big impact in my opinion. Here is what I came up with:

  • Your nails do matter
Ragged cuticles and chipped polish should not wield the power that they do to make you look unkempt.  Its a small detail, but its something that people do notice. Same is true when we are talking about feet. More than once, I've seen a lady who otherwise looked lovely. Yet, she had thick, calloused heels showing through her sling backs. Suddenly, that was ALL I could see. 
I get it, not everyone can get a mani and pedi at will whenever they like. That's fine. It costs nothing to use a pumice stone on your feet in the shower. As for your finger nails, Even if you can't get out for a mani, you can still keep them looking great. Get some cuticle oil , an emery board and buffer. 

  • Hair is a big component
Hair is one of very first things we notice on each other. If your goal is to look put together and polished, you have to pay attention in this area.
If you have dry, frazzled, over processed hair, it will make you look cheap. Trust me, I speak from experience on this one. In my early 20's I over did the highlights and flat iron. When I look at pictures of me from then, I cringe.
Dead ends, greasy roots, unnatural colors are all things that will make your hair and your hair and overall look , look "cheap".
Strive for healthy, shiny hair that is free of excessive amounts of products.

  • Take care of and know when to part with your things
I dealt with this once recently myself. A pair of shoes that I love, had their best days behind them. They were scuffed beyond repair and were showing how well loved they were. I hated to do it, but it was time to toss them out. 
Things like loose threads, unpolished shoes, fallen hems, stains, missing buttons,wrinkles and rips all say "I'm a slob". Other people DO notice these things.

  • Know the difference between comfy and sloppy
This one is a biggie. There is NOTHING wrong with being comfortable. Being comfortable is a very good thing. However, its a thin line between comfy into sloppy territory.  Cute, clean slip on sneakers = Comfy. Ugg Slippers worn out of the house =Sloppy. Yes, even the ones that have a sole. 
A well made pair of yoga pants that hits at your ankle are comfy, but still cute. Yoga pants with a flared bottom that are dragging on the ground getting dirty are sloppy.

  • Know when to ease up on certain things
Somewhere along the way, we were conditioned to believe that more is always more. The more contour on your face, the better. The more extensions in your hair, the better. Thing is though, this simply is not true.If someone looks at you and all they notice is fake hair, and too much makeup, I can all but guarantee that you'll be noticed, but not for what you want

  • Invest in a few classic accessories
Somethings truly are timeless. A nice watch, diamond (or CZ) studs, pearl drop earrings, a nice leather bag, a pair of classic sunglasses... These are all things that literally never go out of style. When you pair these things up with the hottest trends, you are saying :I stay current, but I'm no slave to fashion."

This is what comes to mind for me as to little details that make a big impact on my overall sense of looking put together.
What about you? What do you do when you like to look refined? Please share your tips with me! :)



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