Welcome back from the weekend! I know everyone is just as excited and full of energy as I am after the time change yesterday, (no sarcasm here ; ).

All kidding aside though, we are now officially in Day Light Savings Time. While most folks complain about the lost hour of sleep, they enjoy the later daylight in the evenings.
I'm not loving how I'm walking the dogs in pitch darkness again.(Feels like it's December all over again) However, that only lasts for a month or so. Before we know it, sunrise is at 5:00 am. 
For a lot of us, the first few days of the time change are rough. The lack of sleep shows in a big way.

Today, I'm going to show you the tricks I use to help me look like I didn't miss an hour of zzzzzs.

                                                        Use Red Eye Relief Drops
                                                          Lumify Drops

Red, bloodshot eyes will show your hand so fast. They are a billboard that reads "I'M TIRED!!"
I've tried several different brands of eyedrops. To me, these Lumify ones are the run away winner. 

                                                     Use a White or Nude Eyeliner
Soure: Charlotte Tilbury
Another trick to help your eyes look more "Bright eyed and bushy tailed" is to line above the lash line in either white or nude.  If you hit the pause button while watching your morning news, you'll see that most of the newscasters (women and men) use this trick.

                              Use a Brightening Corrector AND Concealer Together

         Becca Brightening Corrector                                    Touche Eclat High Cover Radiant Concealer

Most days, we could get by with one or the other. Buuuuttt , when we are really tired and it shows, bring in the reinforcements. 

                                                  Don't skimp on Blush Today

I don't know about you, buy when I'm tired my coloring shows it. I LOOOVE this Benefit Tint. Its a cult classic for a reason. It doesn't look like blush at all. It looks like rosy pink skin.

There are some non cosmetics thins I'll also try to do when I'm looking and feeling extra tired.
First, chug, chug, chug that water. Being even a tiny bit dehydrated is going to make you feel more tired and LOOK more tired. 
I know you'll want to sleep as much as you can. However, if you can get yourself up for a light workout or morning walk, please do it. Getting the old blood circulating makes you look and feel better.

Lastly, when all else fails.....


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