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Welcome back from the first weekend of spring.
Full disclosure, this post is more for my friends in the north. I've got nothing but love for the southern belles among us. Those lucky babes though, have been living in spring since about February 1st.
Those of us in the north, well we are just starting to feel the warmth of that spring sun.

It can be somewhat perplexing as to how to dress right about now. You can have a 40 degree day, then a 65 degree day.
Even on the chilly days, it just feels wrong to be wearing boots and chunky sweaters now.
On the other hand, we know its NOT the time to go full out sundresses and flip flops.

Here are a few things that I put into practice this time of year to make my fashion transition into spring.

  • Start with your shoes
While its still not sandal season, now is when you can start working in open toes and sling backs.

If the only modification you made to your outfit was to swap out your ankle boots for a pair of shoes like these here, you'll still be feeling like you are dipping your toe into spring 2019.

  • Go for open shoulders and or quarter length sleeves
It's still not short sleeve or sleeveless weather for the most part. Again though, we don't want sweaters. We'll be too hot by mid day. The open shoulder/ quarter length sleeve is ideal for now.

  •  Get a light weight jacket
Here in New England where I live, we have almost no chance of going without a jacket until mid May. I do not want to be putting on a fleece or puffer vest. While those items are so comforting in October, they just seem wrong in April.

  • Get a Mani/ Pedi in a lighter, brighter color
From September through March, I live for dark nails. I love me some "Lincoln Park After Dark" .  Now though, a bright nail is perfect. Bonus points for the fact that even a spring blizzard cannot stop us from wearing this.

  • Lighten up your hair a tad
When I was a wee one, my hair was naturally blonde. After April and summer vacations, I'd be blonder after long days spent playing outside. Nowadays , I have to pay for those highlights. Truth be told, I do so gladly. A bit of lightening and brightening says "I see you, Spring!"

  • Get or apply a sunless tan
This is the biggest no brainier on here. Even if its 70 out there, if I'm looking at my bright, white skin...all I'm thinking and feeling is winter.
Start out this time of year with a lighter shade. The goal isn't to look like you just spent 3 weeks in St. Bart's. The goal now, is to look like you took a nice long walk on an afternoon in May. 

Also, I can think of a few things NOT to do just yet. Soon you can, I promise. Remember though, the objective here is to transition into spring with grace.

  • No Flip Flops Yet
  • No Sundresses just yet
  • No summer type materials (linen, searsucker, etc)
  • Put away anything that is wool or fleece
  • Put away all boots other than rain boots 

Well, that's all I can think of that I personally do. What about you? Do share!



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