Happy mid-week. Here in New England, the 'Snow Miser" is here in full force.  I understand that is our burden to bear living here. We get 3 amazing seasons and one crappy one. Regardless of that though, Once we get into March I want tulips and budding green leaves. 
Anyhow, I'm just going to ignore the snow and cold and live in spring, if only in my mind.
A lot of my "go-to" beauty sources (Refinery29, Allure, Total Beauty , In Style) have been showing what they are forecasting what hair and beauty trends they are expecting to take off for this upcoming season.

Source: Glowsly.com 

The first thing I've noticed is the clean skin reemergence. I've looked through the ads from all the major fashion houses. I didn't see one single contoured face. Truth be told, I'm NOT sad to see that look fade off into oblivion. Its so nice to see skin again. I mean actually see skin, not skin which is covered in an inch of foundation, bronzer and highlighter.  

Source: Total Beauty

I've been seeing almond shaped nails all over. I'm living for it. The coffin nail got the last nail in its coffin. Ah-ha ha..I crack me up! Really though, the almond nail can be just as practical as it is pretty. Its a win.

Source: Elle

Speaking of nails still. It looks like the accent nail is still very much a thing. Only, it has moved from the ring finger to the middle finger.

Source: Society 19

the best thing that I've read/seen so far was in this article in "Harper's Bazaar" which proclaims "Instagram Makeup" to be dead. Here is the quote : "Minimum effort, maximum impact. Not the painstaking, laborious umpteen layers of shadow we’ve come so accustomed to seeing on Instagram"
Friends, to this I say.. "Thank Gawd, its about time!!!!"

Source Getty Images

Baby bangs...Not all of us can rock these. I sure as heck can't. My hair is VERY curly and I do not have the facial structure for it. However, if you do..now is the time for it.

                                                   Source: News AU

Botox. I keep reading how Botox is going to be big this year. Botox has been big for quite some time now. I think though, the "bad" stigma of it is going away. Its becoming accessible to "everyday people" not just those folks who live on Beverly Hills. 
Let me just jump,in with this editorial though... If you do opt for Botox, this is not the time to be looking on "Groupon" or your neighbor's sister's Botox party. If you are going to have someone inject botulism into your body, you need to make darn sure they are licensed and insured.  

Source: Watch Out Ladies

The pastel eye ... This pastel eye stays closer to natural tones though. No frosted blue  shadow circa 1976.
This trend continues on with the more natural look of makeup that seems to be roaring back. 

Source: Last Trend

This one, I almost didn't bother to share here. Everywhere I look, I'm seeing how hot the bob will be for this upcoming season. why didn't I want to share it? Well, because the bob has continually been in style since it was first created in the 1920's Its more "timeless" than it could ever be "trend". However, I've seen it too many places to leave it off this post.

That's it for this post. I'll tell you, personally I hope the vast majority of these end up being as hot as they are predicted to be.
I'm SO sick and tired of the "Kardashian" influence in makeup. For what my opinion is worth, I'm really happy to see a return to a more natural look.
What do you think about this? Are you still loving the contoured/baked look? Are you over it like I am?
I'd love to hear what you think!



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