Day Dreaming about Spring !

February 22, 2019 in

Hi there... I hope wherever you are, is warmer than where I am. It's 16 degrees here today. Buurrrr
Of course, I'm already obsessing over spring and summer clothes that have started appearing in stores.  Though when it's July and the fall stuff  starts coming out, that makes me irrationally angry.  That's my own issue though! 😆

I've been pouring through In Style, Town & Country, Vogue and others just drooling over the beautiful things that are coming out.  I'm a 30-something who lives in the burbs and works in an office. The avant garde styles shown on the runways of fashion week, just don't fit into my life. However, there are some things that are will totally work for those of us who don't fly off to St. Tropez in a Lear. Below, is what I'm loving for SS2019 that I can actually incorporate into my wardrobe.

  • One Shoulder Cold Shoulder
The cold shoulder has been hot for the past few years. Now, the style is being updated with this tweak.

  • Bright Pink Anything

                                                     Roksanda Cuffed Pants $1,150.00

                                                 Mood and Luna monogram Ring $68.00

It's so great to see bright colors again after a long, cold winter. Tap into your inner Elle Woods and happily rock this one.

  •  Wide Leg Trousers
                                        Wide Leg Trousers by Something Navy $89.00

I had mentioned the wide leg thing Here in a post a month or so back. Its great to take a breather from the skinny leg/jeggings. Those became a thing back in 2009. That's a full 10 years, it was a great run. 
the beauty of the wide leg pant is that it makes your waist look smaller. Oh, and they tend to be VERY comfy.

  • Gingham
                                                       Vineyards Vines sleeveless top $80.00

                                                               Gingham Skort $78.00

I LOOOOVE  Gingham, always have. when I was 15 my mom and I did my whole bedroom in baby blue gingham. I'm so excited to see it reappearing everywhere this spring. 

  • Polka Dots

                                                         1901 Print Shirt $69.00

Polka-dots...never "out of style", but extra hot this year!

  • Head to toe neutrals 

 I'm not going to even going to link this specific outfit. Its to the tune of $12,000 But, we all know that this look can easily be replicated at far more accessible prices.

  • Pearl Detailing 
                                           Emmy Sandal by Tory Burch $328.00

I NEED these sandals. I may or may not have already placed an order ;)
I first noticed the pear detailing when Lilly Pulitzer dropped their SS19 line. Read about that Here.
Its so pretty and feminine. Also, its like having the accessories built right into your apparel.

Now, I must go back to mittens , flannel and marshmallow man coats. To those of you in places such as Atlanta, where its in the mid 70's, I might need to need vicariously through you for a few months, okay? 

What are you excited about adding into your wardrobe this spring?



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