The subscription box has been a "thing" since BirchBox came out in 2010. I know that subscription boxes existed prior to that.  However, around 2010 is when they really started to take off.
For anyone who is unfamiliar with the concept of the subscription box, it works like this. For a monthly fee (Typically for the price of one product), you'll receive a box of samples to try. 
Nowadays, there are boxes for pretty much anything that interests you. Keto, pets, workout, foodie, etc.
For this post though, I'm focusing on beauty boxes. The amount of beauty boxes which are offered now is staggering. Off the top of my head I can think of  Sephora, Target, Elle Magazine ,Ipsy, Morphy, Minted, I could go on and on.

Up until this past October, I wasn't subscribed to any beauty box. Why? Well, because for me, its foolish to pay for makeup samples. I could walk into any Sephora or Nordstrom and get a sample for anything I want, for free. Why would I pay for this?

Flash forward to this past September. There was a HUGE meltdown in the YouTube beauty community. A bunch of really abhorrent people got exposed for who they truly were. 

This, is when I first heard about Boxy Charm. 
One of those nasty YouTubers , had previously collaborated with Boxy Charm.
While numerous other companies took a "wait and see" approach to dealing with her. Boxy charm, cut their ties with her immediately.  While other companies were hoping things would "just blow over", Boxy Cham's CEO came out and said something along the lines of "We don't care if everyone forgets about this in a few weeks time. We are appalled by racism and refuse to have anything thing further with this person.(Obviously, he said it far more eloquently than this.)
That was what first put them on my radar.  Imagine my excitement when I learned that Boxy Charm sends you 4-5 FULL SIZED products each month for $21. I signed up right then and there.
Let's say that I have not been disappointed at all. The boxes are all guaranteed to be worth over $100.00  .
This is the box that just came last week. The Better than Sex TM mascara alone, would cost more than the whole box.

When you sign up, you answer a bunch of questions in regards to which colors you like, skin type, etc. They make sure if you have dry skin, you won't receive products for oily skin or get colors that you abhor.

If you are intrigued, I'd total recommend giving it a try. In my opinion, this is the easiest and least expensive way to get a hold of high end makeup. If you find that its not for you, you can cancel at any time. 

If you are interested, click here:

If you do try it, I'd love to know what you think! 



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