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January 18, 2019 in

Hi Everyone!
Happy Friday. Here in the northeast we are expecting a frigid, snowy weekend. Although, I think that forecast rings true for 3/4th of the country.
I'm feeling mostly better from that horrid dental abscess Talk about pain. It was debilitating . I wouldn't wish that pain on anyone...well anyone except animal and child abusers.
Anyhow, I see Live Journal has this week's "Friday Five up". Here it is!

 Friday of Firsts. It's easy to remember the big firsts - your first kiss, first love, first car, and so on, but what about the small firsts?

1. Do you remember when you were first addressed as sir or ma'am?

Yes, I was 25-ish at Fenway Park #gosox. It was a young Marine who looked all of 18 or 19 years old.

2. Do you remember when you first realized the difference between being childish and childlike?
Yes! I was about 20, working in my neighbor's restaurant. I had a co-worker whom I'd gone to high school with. She demonstrated this to me.

3. Do you remember the first time you realized you were more adult than child?
Oh my gosh. I've ALWAYS thought this, even when it was woefully inaccurate. I refused to watch Disney movies once I was 10, because those were for "babies". When I was 14 I flat out refused to go to the pediatrician because I "was NOT a child!". I had pneumonia and my poor mom was scrambling to find a GP who would take a 14 year old patient.  

4. Do you remember your firs
t taste of major independence?
My first job out of college had me going into NYC once a quarter.

5. Do you remember what you bought with your first paycheck?
I've worked forever, so I won't count "teenage jobs". As for adult jobs, the first splurge I bought was a Marc Jacobs handbag. That was circa 2005-ish. That was a big splurge back then.

Allright! That's that! I loved getting the emails with your responses last week, send them to me again with this one.
If you are in the path of this storm, please be safe and PLEASE BRING YOUR ANIMALS INDOORS!


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