The Friday Five

January 11, 2019

Heeellooooo. Happy Friday one and all!
So, On "Live Journal" they have a feature called "The Friday Five".  On Friday's they will pick a topic and post five questions that fall in line with that topic. The questions normally provoke some thought and I thought it would be fun to play along here. 
I'll post the questions with my answers. You can leave your answers in the comments. Or, if you want more privacy, you can message me your answers. 

The topic they selected for this week's topic is jewelry. Here are the questions chosen by Live Journal.

  1.  Do you have a favorite piece of jewelry? Describe.
 Well, this is an  easy one!(two) My wedding band and engagement ring. Both are platinum and diamond..ahh a picture is worth a thousand words.
These rings remind me how the best person that I've ever know has decided that they wanted to spend their entire life with me. It doesn't get any better than that.

Annnd..if that is too cliche for you. I also have a pair of earrings that mean the world to me. One of my favorite aunt's bought them for my grandmother. They are pearl and sapphires. My mom would let me "borrow" them, heavily guarded on special occasions. She always told me I could have them once I was married. So, when our wedding day rolled around , my mom wore them to the ceremony. Then, at the reception she and I "traded" the earrings we were wearing. It was a special moment. <3 p="">

2. Is there a piece of jewelry you wear daily? Describe.

The answer to number one is also the answer here.

3.What is the most costly piece of jewelry that you own.

Without a doubt, my engagement ring.

4. What is a piece of jewelry that you don't own, but would love to? Why don't you own it?

Hmmmm Maybe a really nice watch? I don't own that because all of my disposable income goes to makeup and dog rescue.

5. Is there a piece of jewelry that you once owned, but no longer do? What happened to it?

Yes, I had my grandmother's Claddagh Ring.  I wish I knew what happened to it? It was lost. An adult relative entrusted 8 year old SheShe FAR too much.

Here is the link up to Live Journal :The Friday Five

Okay, I'm dying to hear your answers!
Have a blessed, beautiful weekend babes!



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