Hello Everyone! I hope you all had a beautiful weekend. I especially hope that today you all take a few moments to reflect on the life and work of Dr. King .  I have several people whom I consider heroes. Dr. King is at the top of that list.

So, I have had people ask me from time to time why I hardly ever put makeup tutorials on here. The short answer to that is because I'm wholly unqualified to do so.  I'm not a cosmologist, beautician, licensed makeup artist. I feel I can give you guys fair makeup reviews because of how much I purchase and use. Still, that doesn't mean I'm the one to tell you how do the perfect cat eye, ect.

Nowadays, you can turn to YouTube to find pretty much any tutorial that you want. However, over the last couple of years, the YouTube beauty community has become a dumpster fire, in my opinion. (Read-messy and out of control).
I flat out refuse to so much as click on the video of an "influencer" who spews racist nastiness on their twitter. Nor, will I click on an "influencer" who mocks autistic children on his channel.

Then, there are the people who don't do anything as egregious as that stuff, but each and every video is nothing but a sales pitch where we are all supposed to click/shop their affiliate links. Sorry, but if  I wanted to watch info-mercials I'd set my DV-R to record from 1:00-5:00 am.

Thankfully, there are still a few folks on You-Tube who are consummate professionals that vibrate above the drama and non-sense.  Today, I want to introduce you to them.

First and foremost is Wayne Goss     Wayne Goss Youtube

Dare I say it? This man is the Kevin Aucoin of this generation. His work is beyond amazing. His personality is sweet and genuinely warm. Each of his videos tends to run between 5-7 minutes. There are never any rambling intros. He's sweet and to the point.
If I could have my makeup done by any living person, it would be him. 

Next up, is Zabrena    Zabrena's YouTube

Zebrena might not be a licensed MUA, but her skills rival anyone . Her tutorials are detailed and super easy to follow along with. When watching her channel, you feel as if you are chatting with a very good friend.
She also is famous for finding drug store dupes for high end products. she has an entire series that she calls "Frugal Fridays". Every product she uses in this series is from the drug store.

On to Makeup by Lisa J Makeup by Lisa J YouTube

Before becoming a mom, Lisa J's job was as a MAC trainer. Meaning, she was the one who trained MAC makeup artists. 
Her genuine love of the "magic of makeup" shines through in every video.  Her ability to make makeup look so professional and put together is astounding.

Last , but not least is Dominique Saches     Dominique Sachse YouTube

When I think of Dominique, the first adjective which comes to mind is elegant. This lady has class for days.
While her channel is not specifically a beauty channel, beauty is a huge part of her channel. Dominique is a news anchor in Texas. Because of this, she has a wealth of beauty knowledge that she openly shares. She comes across as the big sister who wants, no insists on the absolute best for you.

So, there you go. These folks are the four YouTubers that I turn to for inspiration and how-to's.
Is there anyone on that platform that you love who also consistently stays above the B.S.?
If so, tell me about them!

Have a beautiful week my friends!
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