Hello and happy New Years, my friends.
How is this day 365 or 365? like they say, "Don't blink".
I'll happily be at home tonight with my hubby and dogs. I remember exactly a decade ago. I had a sinus infection in the days leading up to New Years Eve. The possibility of not being well enough to go out was so upsetting to me. Oh, how the times have changed.

I'm not one for "resolutions" . Resolutions come across as far too cliche` to me. I feel that each year requires us to grow and that we should end each year more developed than how we were when we started it. ( This is as "deep" as this makeup blog will get!). Leading up to New Years day, I plan out "Intentions" which will encourage that growth.  Last year, I decided that I'd see more sun rises than I missed. I know that I had to be more specific to make it stick. so, I said that I'd see at least 20 sunrises a month. I'll tell you friends, this one was a game changer. In the summer months, the sun rises at 5:00 am. Since June, I've been getting up at 4:55 am. The amount that I can get accomplished at that time is astounding. The rest (most of) the world is still sleeping at that time. There is nobody around to disturb me. I'll never go back to sleeping in.

Without further blabbering, here are my growth intentions for 2019......

1. Stop holding on to clothes/shoes/makeup that I no longer wear
I'll be the first to admit, I purchase a lot of clothing #dink.  However, I don't get rid of stuff anywhere near as frequently as I should. While I love having lots of clothes, I don't like having clutter. I don't like having things sitting untouched for season after season when they could be put to good use by someone who needs them.

2. Have Friends over for dinner more often
This one is a no-brainer. I love to cook. I love to have people over. ( I hope you are reading this, Glenda!) I love making my friends feel as they are worthy of having someone make them a meal and make a fuss over them. Plus, recipes are so much more fun to make, when you are making them for a crowd.

3. Lean to drink my coffee black.
I know.... I know, I'm "supposed to say" that I plan on "cutting back" on coffee. However, I have 0 desire for that! I don't smoke, I might have 1-2 glasses of wine a month at MOST. Coffee is my "vice' of choice and I'm NOT parting with it. Plus, what makes it "bad" is the stuff we add into it. All the sugars and cream. I figure , if I can eliminate that stuff, I'll be golden (and energized!)

4. Use my flat iron one time per month or less
And here is the superficial one! Superficial, but necessary. I FINALLY have my hair healthy and growing! (Thank you, Kathleen!!) The most surefire way to ruin all of this is to go back to running 450 degrees of glowing hot ceramic on it.  Nope. No more. No breakage in 2019 and beyond!

Okay, So now its the part where you think of what your intentions for 2019 are. I'd love to hear them.

Have fun tonight my loves, but be SAFE. I want to see 2019 be your best year yet, with SO many more to come. 


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