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December 17, 2018 in

Happy Monday everyone!
Did everyone have a good weekend?  I just LOVE this time of year. It seems as if there is a party or gathering every single weekend. Extroverted 'ol me lives for that!
On Saturday, we had my company Christmas party. We had it at a restaurant that was built in 1734. If only those walls could talk!

I had put on to Instagram an outfit picture of what I wore. (I'm trying to get my IG linked here to this new blog layout #staytuned #technicaldifficulties #imnotgoodatthisstuff).
Anyhow, it got me to thinking about how much fun it is to get dressed up for events like this.
I know, I know..plenty of you are groaning now and saying something along the lines of "I hate shopping" or " Just let me stay in my yoga pants!"  Getting dressed up really can be fun though, I promise.

I've said this before, but horrors of horror..I'm over 30 and wear rompers #lockmeup.  I recently have even been dipping my toe into the waters of jumpsuit territory. For those of you asking "What's the difference between a romper and a jumpsuit?" The answer is that a romper has shorts, a jumpsuit has pants.
What I like about going the route of the jumpsuit is, the ease of it all. You thrown on one garment and you are dressed. No wondering "Does this go with that?". Plus, a one piece number ( This applies to dresses as well!) can get you out the door fast, if you are in a time crunch.
If you are considering trying out a jumpsuit, let me suggest the clothing retailer Venus. Venus Clothing
Venus was known first for their bathing suits originally. Now , they have the whole 9 yards...clothes, jewelry, shoes etc.
Venus sends out old school catalogs (along with having a web page). It's nostalgic. It reminds me of being a teenager in the late 90's and being excited to see what catalogs had come in the mail as soon as I'd get home from school.

This is the actual jumpsuit that I wore. It was only $29.00!!!!   Jumpsuit

Check out the open-ish detailing on the legs ( arms as well)

Because of this, I'm thinking that this will be in year round rotation.

To me, nothing looks better with black, than leopard. Back over the summer I bought these Louise et Cie pumps at Nordstrom during this year's anniversary sale. Like always though, the good stuff at the anniversary sale sells out FAST. Sadly, these are no longer available.

Keeping with the leopard theme, I used my ClareV  flat clutch. This one sold out in a hot minute. However, this very similar one is still in stock.    ClareV leopard clutch

The necklace is from JCrew and is now on a SERIOUS sale  Multi strand pearls

PS: In this posts cover photo, I don't have a sunburn. When creating the "Blog graphic" this template came with a filter. A filter I was unsure as how to remove. Plus, there is a part of me that doesn't mind looking not so Casper-ish right now. Even if its only make believe!

So, That's it for me today. I hope this last full week before Christmas is wonderful to everyone!
Do you like getting dressed up? Or, are you happiest when you are on your comfy cozies? Tell me!


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