Hello there. Can you believe we are now in the final three days of August? I cant. 😞
I know my husband will be happy when the hot weather is gone, not me though.
Anyhow, last month I did a post which showed the 5 least expensive beauty products that I use on a regular basis. In the time since then, I've had 5 or 6 people ask "Well, what are the most expensive things in your collection?" At first, I didn't want to do this post. I didn't want it to come across as "Look at my luxury items, aren't you envious?"  However, after sleeping on it, I can see the value in doing this post. Some of these things really are worth their cost. If you have that assurance from a friend before you buy something that costs a pretty penny, you might feel more confident in making the purchase.
However, not all the glitters is gold. there are a couple of things on here that were absolutely NOT worth it. If I can save you from wasting your money like I did, then its worth it.
In fact, lets get the duds out of the way. We'll start with them.

                         Promise Intensive Hair Treatment by Uniqkka      $85.00
                                       Promise Intensive Treatment by Uniqkka
The best thing I can say about this deep conditioning mask is "meh". It's certainly not bad in any way. It does condition your hair. However, it in no way preforms so well as to justify the price.
Kerastase's deep conditioner is considered the gold standard by many stylists. It cost $20.00 less than this.
My personal #producthero deep conditioner is by Moroccan Oil. It costs $45 dollars LESS  and blows this one out of the water.

                                             Tom Ford Eye Quad in "Nude Dip"   $88.00
                                                            Tom Ford Eye Quad
I gave this one away, donated it to a women's shelter. I do question if I just bought the "wrong" quad. All of the other ones are so highly rated on Sephora's website. I truly found this one to be no better than say the Wet and Wild Egg shell palette which costs $2.99.  As in $84.99 less than this.

                                                 Dior Air Flash Foundation   $62.00
                                                     Dior Air Flash Foundation
I'll never, ever be without this stuff. This foundation is the tool for regular folks like us to achieve that perfect, airbrushed look that we always see on the Hollywood folks.
With this, you can have a sheer or as full coverage look. You decide the coverage level you'll have by how much you spray on. Unlike other foundations, it doesn't appear as if you've put several layers of it on.

                                        Orbie Super Shine  Moisturizing Cream   $52.00
                                              Orbie Super Shine Moisturizing Cream
This stuff is the secret to salon perfection blowouts. I have a LOT of hair. A ridiculous amount of hair. My hair takes a very long time to dry and is prone to frizz. I do my fair share of heat styling as well. This stuff is a remedy to all of it. The scent is down right intoxicating. If I could buy it as a perfume, I would. Even though this costs $52.00, you only need the tiniest amount each time. I'm talking a dollop the size of a dime. One tube lasts me 4-5 months.

                                                    Viseart Neutral Matte Palette   $80.00
                                                     Viseart Neutral Matte Palette
If I could only have one item in my beauty collect from now on into forever, this is what I'd choose.
This is literally everything I'd hope for an eye shadow palette. The colors last all day. Every shade in this palette is of the highest quality. Its SO blend-able. You could have 0 makeup application skills and still knock it out of the park if this is what you were working with.
The funny thing is...I almost never bought this. My hubby and I were on vacation. We'd had a wine filled dinner and I was tipsy. We had gone back to the hotel (We walked! Drunk drivers SUCK).
Anyhow, I stopped in at the apothecary-esq store to buy a bath bomb. Of course, makeup is the shiny object that I cant NOT look at. I saw this palette and said "Charge it to my room!" (Sorry, Honey!) 😙
In a few weeks...we'll be back there...I might just recreate that moment with one of their other palettes!

So, there you have it. What are your splurge products that are absolutely worth it?



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