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June 27, 2018 in
Hi there!!!
Happy mid-week everyone!
Full disclosure, had intended to post this yesterday. However, a stray dog was in my neighborhood. Of course, everything was put on hold until we could get him, keep him safe, feed him and find his family.

Anyhow, on to this. I think that rompers are SO polarizing once a woman is over 30, although...I have no idea WHY??? I'm all for encouraging others to only wear what they feel comfortable in. However, I don't think any of us have any business shaming another woman if she feels comfortable in something that we might not be. My 40th birthday is now closer in the future than my 30th birthday is in the past. I have NO shame about wearing rompers, none. I use them as a tool in the hot summer weather to keep me looking (somewhat) put together, but still comfortable in the heat and humidity.

For all of the rompers pictured here, I personally own one or the other of each of the styles. I either have the pricer one (BC I bought it before finding its less expensive counter part). Or, I have the lesser expensive one and smugly laughed all the way to the bank.

In the photo above, the top row are the three more expensive rompers , the bottom row are the three rompers that are considerably less money, but oh so close in appearane, fit and style.
While we are at it, let me say that all of the lower priced rompers are from Target. The one on the bottom left and bottom middle are available in store and on line. The green palm print romper of the bottom right, is on-line only.

Starting with the gray jersey rompers, the top one is from Ann Taylor loft. It is $59.00. The Target version is from their Mossimo line and it sells for $22.99  for a savings of $36.01.
Whichever one you choose , You'll find it to be perfect to toss on for a quick Saturday morning trip to Starbucks, running out to get a pedi or to wear as a cover-up at the beach or pool. I've had mine for 3 weeks now and have probably worn it 7 or 8 times already.

In the middle, you'll see two more jersey rompers in all of their comfortable glory. The top one is from one of my favorite stores....Vineyard Vines #yeamassachusetts , it has a slight ombre quality to it. It will run you $88.00. The one from Target is also from their Mossimo line and is $22.99. The difference in price is $65.01....that's nothing to sneeze at! I'll say this much, the Target version comes with adjustable straps, so it will only be as low cut as you want it to be. It also as an adorable side tie. Okay, enough editorializing from me!

For the last pairing, we have two rompers which are dressier. They both are a white base with green palm tree leaves. The VERY epitome of Summer. I wore mine on a particularly warm day last week. I got compliments from a lady at the post office, a lady in the super market, a teenage girl who I passed on the street and from the teller at the bank. I had to laugh, because rompers are a "throw on and go" type of thing!
The one on top is from Nordstrom. It is priced at $110.00.  The Target version is $44.99 and is by K by Kersh. If you opt for the one from Target, you'll save $65.01.

That's it for today! if any of these strike your fancy, I'll include the links below!


Gray Loft Romper  /Gray Target Romper / Vineyard Vines Romper /Blue Target Romper /Nordstrom Palm Print Romper / Target Palm Print Romper

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