I'm REALLY starting to get spring fever now.
I just got back from a run. The sun feels stronger now, there was that smell of renewal in the air.
I know Ive got a ways to go here in New England before its actually warm, but let me tell you...When it is, I'll be prepared. :)
Also, I've included links just in case any of this speaks to you too!

I love rompers. Yep, I'm over 30 and I wear rompers...GASP! I love the versatility of a romper. I can wear them to work (within reason...obviously, not the beach style), I can wear them out to dinner with my hubby, or just running around town.

This beauty is the first piece of warm weather clothing that I bought this year. It runs slightly large and looks adorable on!
I highly suggest you getting it too!
You can never go wrong with black. I thought this one here would be perfect!

This dress.....I'm SO excited to wear. It is so pretty and comfortable. Plus, it was a steal!

Sticking with blue stripes...I couldn't resist this top . Depending on the temps this 4th of July, you just might catch me in this with a cute pair of Nantucket red shorts!

I find myself going back and forth between preppy and "glam" as for what is my personal style. I truly love both so much. Depending upon the day and my mood, both feel like "me".
This here falls squarely into the "prep" category. I had been searching for this for a long time. Years ago, I had a boss named Gina. Gina was one of the best dressed women I know. One day, Gina would be in Prada. The next day, she'd be wearing something from "Forever 21". Each day though, she looked equally good. Designer or discount, she wore the clothes, the clothes never wore her.
 One day she had this shirt on in navy blue. She found it at a Polo boutique in Oyster Bay, NY. 
Ever since that day, I've been on the hunt for something similar . I finally found it. I went or the pink and green option. Preppy Handbook approved!

This is something that I've already worn. I wore it to work with a black pencil skirt. Its something which also clearly looks great with jeans too. I love when a piece is able to be so multi purposed. I really feel as if these pieces are the most penny wise. This also comes in blue.

And seeing this is me... lets finish things off with shoes. These haven't even arrived in yet. I can't wait for them to get here. These I'll be wearing to work and it jeans. I'll wear them now and all through the late fall!

Well, That's it for now. I cannot wait until we are wearing our summer clothes, not just dreaming about them!

Shimmer on!


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