Auld Lang Syne

December 31, 2015 in
Holy moly... I did not intend for so many days to go by without posting. I also didn't intend for 2015 to go by so quickly.
2015 was without a doubt, THE.BEST.YEAR.OF.MY.LIFE. 2016 has a very tough act to follow!

Here are a few of my favorite highlights from this year.

Myself with the best bridesmaids/ friends a girl could ever dream of at my surprise bridal shower. March 8, 2015.

The same fantastic group of girls the night before the wedding. They took me out on the town to a 5 Star dinner in this super stretch limo. Then we went to the Michael Jackson Cirque du Soleil. AMAZING.

Literally minutes before we left the hotel room to go to the ceremony. You can probably see my heart beating out of my chest here!

JUST MARRIED! Walking into the church and seeing him there at the alter...the look on his face is something I will NEVER forget. I tried so hard not to cry. However, as soon as I saw his eyes fill up, I was a goner.

Here we are with our whole crew. We are SO blessed to have these folks!

Waking up the next morning and seeing this on his hand. My heart was literally bursting with love and bliss. Anyone who's been married knows what I mean. Your wedding day goes by SO FAST. Its all a blur. You are going 100 miles a minute and going in 100 different directions.
However waking up and seeing this affirmed to me,this really is real.

Going into Gordon Ramsey's for our first married dinner (aside from our reception).
If you are EVER in a city where he has a restaurant , GO. Yes, its expensive as all heck. Its SO WORTH IT. Everything is amazing. The food, the ambiance, the service, the wine list. I can't say enough. Plus, if you are the type that is into celebrities , you are pretty much guaranteed to see one or two of them in there.

Our just completly remodeled kitchen!!
Prior to this, our kitchen was one heck of a 1970's hot mess. Linoleum and formica everywhere (yuck!!) Now, its custom cabinets and granite all around baby!

Meeting Mike Tyson....okay, this was far more a highlight for Chad then it was for me.
It was so funny though, Iron Mike was tickled by Chad's Boston accent. He kept saying "Say Boston! Say Boston! Again!! Te he he!!"

Our first married Christmas! What's better than that!?

Last but not least, Christmas eve at our house. Our house was filled with people who truly make our lives better and happier. I don't know who said this, but its so true.. "Its not what is under you tree that matters, its who is around it."
Christmas eve is my second favorite day of the year ( After the 4th of July). It has always had a magical feel to it. Growing up, we would always go to my aunt & uncle's house.  Chad and I have picked up the torch now. I tell you though, I have tough foot steps to follow in. My aunt Gini, legit puts Martha Stewart to shame.

Well, That was my 2015 review. I'll be ringing in 2016 at home. I have to miss our dear friend's Dan & Cassandra's party tonight.
All week I've been laid up in bed, sick as a dog. I don't dare risk spreading this to ANYONE.
I hope everyone out there has a safe and happy New Year!

Keep on shimmering lovelies!



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