"Sweetie, you should stop."

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Welcome to Friday, Mes Amies!  How are you all doing?

Today is a "Thoughts Friday" ( I just made that up) post. First off, let me say that this is not intended to be insulting  or disparaging toward anyone. Please don't anyone take anything discussed here personally. This is nothing more then my observations and thoughts about current beauty trends. Also, I'm well aware that I'm no "Natural Beauty". I have highlights and low lights. Sometimes, I have a spray tan and my eyebrows are micro-bladed on.

Okay, now that we got that all out of the way....can we PLEASE go back, even just slightly to a more natural beauty aesthetic?

The fake lips, the hair extensions, the lash extensions, the drawn-on brows (See Kim Zolciack, above for reference), It's just too much, and it looks like hell.
I'm not bashing lip filler, hair extensions, lash extensions or filling in one's brows. Its the extent to which these were done that makes it all so cringe. 

I'm not one to shade anyone from doing what they want to do in order for them to look their best. I'm such a lover of all things beauty related, I've run this little blogette since 2015.
This is more about when "beauty" goes to such extremes that someone no longer look like a human, never mind themselves. I've got to think that there is some type of psychological issue behind it. Likely, with a strong dose of disliking ones self. That makes me so sad.

If someone has really thin, barely there lashes, by all means, get lash extensions. Just don't get eyelash extensions that resemble dust brooms.
If you hair is too short and thin, sure you could clip some extensions. Or, you could stop abusing your hair, eat a somewhat balanced diet and before you know it, your hair will be long.

Its gone past just cosmetics.  There are folks out there forgoing a normal, but beautiful ring for something that is 3 karats of lab simulation. Or, turning down a gorgeous , hand stitched , no-name leather purse in favor of a synthetic, straight outta China Chanel knock off.

At the end of the day, my guess is it all comes down to this...the belief that you are not good enough. Looking like you isn't good enough, your possessions are subpar, etc.
Well, let me tell you here and now, YES, you are good enough. No, your face does not need to be contoured into oblivion. Your lips are just fine the way they are. All of you is just fine the way it is. You have a beauty and uniqueness that nobody else possess. Don't throw that away in an attempt to look like someone else. Don't do things that signal to the world that you are unhappy with yourself and your life.

We'll close this with Andy Cohen's words to Kim Zolick about this very topic,

‘Sweetie, You Should Stop’

Have a safe and glorious weekend.



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