Hello Friends,
No chat about makeup or clothes today. Nope. Today we are taking a day off to honor those who paid for our freedom with their very lives. Not just here in America, but all over the globe, it has been the American forces who have liberated the innocents from tyranny and evil.

I can only imagine what it was like for the Parisians who had been living under Nazi rule for four long, terrifying years. One day they wake to hear tanks going through their city. I cannot comprehend the emotions that must of been felt as they rushed to their windows and saw that it was not Hitler's men who might of been there to continue their reign of terror. Oh no, when those folks looked out their windows, they say the tanks of the 4th Infantry of the US Army. Their closest allies were here, and they were once again safe.

There are more chapters from history that could ever be recounted here on this little bloggete. However, they all play out the same. Members of our military sacrificing their own lives in order to ensure a better life for us.

Please think of them and the loved ones they left behind. Please be cognoscente of their sacrifice.

With Love,

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