Buck Up, Buttercup

April 20, 2020 in

Welcome to a new week, Mes Amies.
We are now a full month into this Covid crisis. We've lived a full month (It seems SO much longer) of being afraid, eating our emotions , staying up too late and not exercising too much. A full month of letting this underlying unease take the drivers seat. Not anymore. It's time for us to find a new, productive normal until this awful scourge is gone.

I think of The Greatest Generation. They had to of been absolutely terrified when Pearl Harbor was attacked and the US was brought in to WWII. That went from December of 1941 all the way through August of 1945. Those folks powered through and used their fear to accomplish great things , such as liberating the world from the Nazi's.
If they could do that, then my friends, we have no excuse.  Let me be perfectly clear here. I'm NOT saying that we should be ignoring what we are supposed to be doing. The exact opposite, we have to self separate and  quarantine. What I'm saying as we can no longer use this as an excuse to derail the rest of our lives.

Personally speaking, when this started we brought food into our house that we've never brought on before. Instead of dinners with a lean protein accompanied by leafy greens , we were making  "meals" out of nutrient poor foods such as chips and frozen pizzas. Urrgghh.
When you don't need to get up early to drive to work or drive your children to school, its so easy to stay up late and not get enough rest. This is the stuff that we need to put a halt to.

I saw this the other day and it resonated with me, big time. We are so accustom to being "too busy" to accomplish they things we want, We always say, "someday". Welp friends, this IS "someday".

You know that there is someone out there who is using this time to kick their workouts into overdrive, organize the hall closet, master that recipe, etc. When all of this is over, do you want to feel accomplished, or as if you have had so much time wasted?

We have no control over how this awful situation that has happened to ALL of us. However, we do have control over how we react to it.  Don't get me wrong, I know that this situation varies drastically among us. For some folks its only a matter of adjusting to working from home. For others, the situation is far dire. 
Also, let me say to those of you with little kids at home where now you are parent and teacher. You guys have my highest admiration. I don't know how you do it. I know that I never could do what you guys are doing. 
Even in the worst of times though, you can and will make yourself feel better if you are working toward bettering yourself.

The time of sitting on your couch with a feeling of unease is over. Why? because life will eventually be back to "normal". When it is, you don't want to have a hard time getting back into it all. If all you've been doing is sitting in pajamas on your couch for three months, it will be REALLY hard to get out of that.

Put on real clothes, put on your mask on , keep your distance and go out and kick butt!



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