Baby, it's cold outside

December 09, 2019 in ,

Welcome to Monday, mes amies!
How was your weekend? It was pretty mid here. However, I'm not fooled, I know that there is a long, cold winter right on the horizon. 
While its tempting to simply want to hibernate until the spring, its just not going to happen. Most of us are functioning adults who have to participate in society.

So, let's put our heads together and find some ways to look cute and stay warm, shall we?

I love a cute beanie. This one here is nearly identical to the one in the picture.

If you live somewhere like Texas , you might be able to get away with a cute little parker all winter long.
However, us northern girls just are not that luck. We have to embrace the warm, puffer coat.

This one from Target's C9 line looks very much like the one in the photo. Its only $35 dollars too! Win-win!!!

Its the time of the year where you just should embrace the over-sized sweater. In a few months, we'll all be gearing up for the cute, streamlined spring styles. However, that time is not here yet.

Personally, I have my eye on This One that is on amazon.

Admittedly, I wish I could wear cute little sandals all year long. Alas, that's not happening as long as I live in New England.

These Boots have been such life savers. They are almost too warm after awhile . But, that's a good problem to have on a January day!

No matter what, my feet are always FREEZING. Its so annoying. I recently discovered These "Butter Crew" socks by Nordstrom.
Oh my goodness, they are SO warm. They are only $12 or 3 for $30. If you are out dog walking or playing with kiddo in the snow, you NEED these!

Last , but not least... you need gloves. I'm a wuss, I hate being cold. One of my biggest complaints was having to take a glove off to use the touch screen on my car. 
when I saw These cashmere lined leather gloves that claimed to be touch screen friendly, I had to try them.

Guess what? The nice people at Nordstrom didn't lie! They DO work with touch screens!

That's a win!

If all of the above fails, I give you permission to stay home by the fire and cuddle up!



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